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Loúka Crossfit in Lyall Bay -  We’re a functional training gym which offers CrossFit and other options to bring our Lyall Bay community together. Loúka is the only CrossFit Affiliate gym in the Lyall Bay / Kilbirnie / Rongotai area.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity.
If you’re looking at that sentence and think, high intensity that's not for me!
Then relax, not to worry, the intensity is based on your own fitness level and ability.

How does this all work?


How do I get into Crossfit for the first time?

Book in for your FREE CrossFit Introduction session.

We’ll go over 1) A warm up, 2) Explain what CrossFit is all about and what is involved, 3) Foundation movements used in CrossFit, and 4) A short CrossFit workout

Once you’ve completed your Introduction, we give you a bit more insight into CrossFit and go through our CrossFit PT sessions which prepare you for our classes.

It’s a great opportunity for coaching time to help you through any movements, and ask any questions during the PT sessions.
Cost: $49 for the 2 Personal Coaching sessions.
You can go through the sessions with no obligation to join as a member afterwards.

Become a FRF member and join in class.

How does our CrossFit programming work?

Our CrossFit programming starts with a Baseline testing week, then followed by a 9 week training block before we re-test our Baseline tests to see where we’ve improved.

The key is consistency and accountability, if you’re attending class regularly, you’re balancing your nutrition and recovering well, then you’ll no doubt see improvements.

What events do you have at Loúka?

Our annual Battle In The Bay event is our 1 day Beginners Competition aimed at beginner and intermediate CrossFitters.

This years event is scheduled for Saturday 5th December 2020, stay tuned for registration details coming soon. Click below to follow our event pages:

Official Battle In the Bay Facebook Page.

Battle In the Bay Instagram.

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