What does


CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity.  If you’re looking at that sentence and think, "high intensity that's not for me!"  - Then relax, not to worry, the intensity is based on your own fitness level and ability.

Functional movement means, everyday movements that you do, walking, running, waking up, picking things up, playing alongside our kids, waking up and getting out of bed, getting into bed, playing sports and more, all involved functional movement.  We keep you active and moving so you can keep doing all of those things throughout your life.


CrossFit is often a “buzzword” used at times to put people off, “I don’t want to be bulky”, “I want to get fit before going” or the classic “I don’t want to join a cult”.

Functional training has been around for decades, however CrossFit basically means:

  • We are registered with CrossFit HQ
  • We focus on providing you quality coaching and keeping you safe
  • We coach movements and keep the same standards as if you were to walk into any other CrossFit Affiliate around the world.
  • This is a place where there’s no egos, and you can train alongside like minded people

For more on how CrossFit programming and classes work, and how to get into CrossFit then check out our “FAQs” on our About Loúka page.