Terms and conditions



  • All memberships have a 30-day termination period from the date of notification (when Loúka Management has been notified and confirmed)
  • All memberships are unable to be changed just before or during the 30-day termination.
    Eg can not go from General membership to gym only for cancellation period
  • You will also be removed from Loúka members pages on facebook

Membership Holds

  • All memberships have the ability to be put “on hold” or “pause” after you have been a Loúka CrossFit member for 6 months (180 days).
  • Members will be entitled to only put their membership “on hold” for a duration of 2 weeks (14 days), this must be used consecutively (not split weekly).
  • Members that qualify to put their memberships on hold (have been a member for 6+ months) will only have 2 weeks to “hold/pause” their membership for the calendar year.
  • Holds can not be accumulated – you can not carry your 2 week hold period over to the new year.
  • Once a hold has been entered into influx it can not be changed. Influx will automatically restart your
    payments after the two week period has ended.

Administration Fees

  • To change your membership option, there will be a $20 administration fee, from General to Gym Only (& Vice Versa).
  • Any changes to a membership eg going from general to Gym Only

Membership Suspension

  • If a scheduled membership debit is declined on the day of debit three times consecutively the membership will be suspended until the funds are recovered.
  • The member will still be liable for the Ezidebit dishonour fees during the suspension, however the member is unable to attend classes until the debits are consolidated.
  • Membership term is still owed during the suspension period. If a member doesn’t clear payments or return to the gym we will cancel the membership 30 days from the start of the suspension. However you will still be liable for the 30 days of incurred fees including any previous fees incurred. This will be done through a debt collection services.
  • Loúka CrossFit will also recover defaulted debit charges as Ezidebit passes on charges , $20 per transaction missed.

In summary, default charges/fees to be recovered will be:

  • The defaulted scheduled payment
  • Ezidebit Dishonour fee of $21.90
  • $20 defaulted debit charge


For any injuries that have members out for longer than 4 weeks such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Surgery and rehabilitation periods

We are able to put a temporary hold on the account but there will need to be a re-start date within a 2
month (60 day) period.

For any other injuries, we will start the 30-day cancellation period and the member can return when
injury-free and able to train.

We are not able to put memberships on hold due to Covid related illness or any short-term illness (colds,
flus, gastro etc.

Please note – we do not offer refunds for the following reasons:

  • You didn’t realise you hadn’t cancelled your membership – unless we are notified and responded to confirm, it is up to the member to ensure we (Loúka management) have acknowledged and responded.
  • You haven’t been using your membership – that is on the member to cancel their membership.