Terms and conditions


  • All memberships have a 30-day termination period from the date of notification (when Loúka Management has been notified and confirmed)
  • All memberships have the ability to be put “on hold” or “pause” after you have been a Loúka CrossFit member for 6 months (180 days).
  • Members will be entitled to only put their membership “on hold” for a duration of 2 weeks (14 days), this must be used consecutively (not split weekly).
  • Members that qualify to put their memberships on hold (that have been a member for 6 months or longer ) will only have 2 weeks to “hold/pause” their membership for the calendar year.
  • Holds can not be accumulated – you can not carry your 2 week hold period over to the new year.
  • Once a hold has been entered into influx it can not be changed. Influx will automatically restart your payments after the two week period has ended. 

Please see the Ezidebit charges below:

As we are a small community gym, we pass on the costs from our debit merchant. 

  • 1. First Payment Set Up Fee
    A charge of $5.50 by Ezidebit to set up the payment with your bank.
  • 2. Direct Debit Transaction
    $1.20 fee charged by Ezidebit. 

For Example:

  • If you have a weekly payment of “X”, then $1.20 is added on top of the weekly fee.

  • If you choose a fortnightly debit option then it would be “X” per fortnight + $1.20.

  • 3. Dishonor Fee
    Ezidebit does charge a $21.90 fee if a scheduled payment bounces (due to insufficient funds) so please ensure there is the right amount on scheduled payment dates.
    Ezidebit will attempt to debit the payments and charge the dishonor fee every time it is unable to do so.